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Aug. 20

Hi folks,
Today’s tip is on a subject that many of us dread, but in the long run, saves us time and money. I'm talking about your vehicle's manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and the importance of following it. When I first got started in the automotive repair field, typical maintenance required regular oil changes, changing the spark plugs and adjusting the contact points, and setting the ignition timing. And, up until approximately 1985, most vehicles also had a fuel delivery device referred to as a carburetor, which required adjustments to the air fuel ratio. My, how those days have changed. Emission-control reduction demands from the state and federal government eventually required a more precise manner in which to control exhaust emissions and reduce air pollution. That's where things got very challenging for us in the repair industry. We needed to find a happy medium and be able to provide maintenance service that would satisfy the government, the drivers, and the manufacturers. The three critical areas in maintaining your vehicle ended up revolving around: performance, fuel economy, and reduced emissions. Plus, now we have vehicles that are equipped with multiple on-board computers to regulate transmission shift controls, electronic fuel injection, and variable camshaft operation. Oil technology has also made huge leaps in providing better and longer lasting lubrication protection. I could go on and on, but my main point is this -- we live in a state with a climate that puts heavy demands on our vehicles and thus requires that we care for and maintain them to perform at their peak. Next week I will go further in depth and expound on these points with tips on how to help keep your vehicle in tip top shape.
Happy and safe driving!
- R.H. ‘Joe’ Lopez


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