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May 29

Although the calendar says that it’s the end of May, and not officially summer yet, the thermometer reads otherwise. For some, that means the end of another school year and possible vacation plans for our families. No doubt you’re probably seeing ads that promote service specials -- everything from home a/c checkups to auto care packages. With the increased temperatures and monsoon season approaching (yes, it’s true, weather has a dramatic impact on our vehicles’ health), it’s important to ensure that your car or light truck is ready to handle the increased demands that these conditions put on your vehicles. The next time you schedule an oil and filter change, have your technician inspect the condition of the engine’s cooling system, the vehicle’s a/c operation, and all belts and hoses. It’s also important to look at the level and condition of the transmission fluid. In addition, and as I’ve stated before, do not ignore simple items like tire pressures and visual inspections of your tire wear, including proper inflation of the spare tire. And finally, because Arizona heat is especially taxing on batteries, be sure to have your battery properly load-tested.
In a future tech tip, I will address typical questions drivers often have about their Check Engine Light; so, stay tuned.
- R.H. ‘Joe’ Lopez


I took my 2006 Jeep Wrangler to Lopez automotive because the engine light came on he Explained the problem and fixed it now today he’s doing all … read more
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